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Taking your organisation to the cloud and beyond with people-first IT solutions that deliver lasting success.

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The Grey Triangle Approach

We take a people-first, outcome-based approach to solving your organisation's challenges.

We’ll discuss your challenge & problems affecting your people

There’s a problem affecting your people or hindering your growth. Maybe you’ve got a legacy infrastructure and want a partner to help get you to a cloud, or maybe you’ve already started on your cloud journey and want to make better use of it. You might require a new solution to address a business or organisational need or want to improve your capacity so you can scale more efficiently.

Grey Triangle will offer a response and solution to your challenge

We’ll analyse your challenge and requirements, look ahead to where you want to be and the problems you need to solve to get there. We’ll respond to your challenge with a people-first, outcome-based solution that will both build resilience in your organisation and digitally empower your people to deliver lasting success.

We’ll advance together to drive change in your organisation

The Grey Triangle team will work in partnership with your team and integrate themselves within your organisation to deliver flexible, scalable and secure solutions that will become the change you need in your organisation to drive your organisation forward.

What we do

People-first, outcome-based cloud & IT solutions

Management, consulting and support services offered across the major cloud and software solution providers; how can we help you square the circle?

Cloud Transformation

Our project management and consulting teams have the experience to help get you to the cloud, and beyond. Whether you’re evaluating the cloud for the first time, well underway on your transformation or need to get more from your cloud provider. We can help.

Technical Consulting

Technical consulting services; from design through to live operating status, and everything in between!

Raising solutions from the ground up, fixing problem architectures and upgrading to the latest versions, our team can help get IT working for you.

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IT Project Management

Are your IT related projects failing to launch? Out of control? Stalled? Failing?! Let us take control of your IT-related change and identify solutions to the problems surfaced or created by that change.

Engagement, project and program management for all types of IT projects, including application development. We can even establish your PMO or reboot an existing one if necessary!

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Read how Grey Triangle reduced costs and increased IT response agility for one of the UK’s largest banks.

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Interim CTO / CIO

Growing your organisation but don’t have an experienced and knowledgeable IT strategist to hand? Have you recently expanded/contracted and realise your IT services need attention but lack the bandwidth or expertise? Need a short term solution to keep your major IT projects on track?

Let’s discuss the specifics and see where we can add value.

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Service & Support

Is your IT team as elastic and resilient as your infrastructure?

Make use of our team to give you the resilience and scalability you need to respond to events or project activity.


We have a fantastic range of skills and experience across the team, however, we will confess, we don’t know it all! Some challenges are leftfield – we’re happy to discuss what options we can provide. If we cannot help, we may be able to introduce you to trusted partners who might.


Got a challenge you need help with?

Who are Grey Triangle?

We are an IT & cloud consulting firm that brings people, business and technology together to solve organisational challenges and unlock growth.

We’re a team with a vast amount of experience in helping organisations implement IT solutions and manage the change needed for them to be successful.

Our goal is to improve customer experience, ease staff working practices and drive better-operating standards for organisations.

Formed from a desire to better the current situation, whether that’s for our customers or our team – we live by a single mantra; do the right thing.

Underpinning this simple phrase is a playbook of our ethics and values. Technology solutions are our toolkit, who implements those tools and how they are used is what sets us apart.

We work with select vendors and partners to ensure the best and most appropriate solutions for you, our customer, are available and address your organisation’s needs.


We take a people-first approach, we’re an IT consultancy that understands it’s the people using the technology that really matter.

We take time to understand the challenges affecting people and utilise our knowledge and experience to find a solution that solves these challenges.

The outcome: your people are digitally empowered.

Drive change

We don’t fear change. We drive positive change and transformation with everything we do.

We drive organisational change to improve performance and enable the people within to work smarter.

The change we drive enables our clients to grow, become more efficient, resilient and as a result better performing organisations.

Do the right thing

Some of the issues we have the courage to bring to light in organisations may be perceived as negative, but we always take an honest and transparent approach to IT consulting and always do the right thing.

We are always transparent and act with integrity no matter the odds or circumstance.

By doing the right thing, always – the organisations we work with can drive forward, faster.

Break the mould

At Grey Triangle, we take a different approach to IT & cloud consulting. We don’t focus solely on solutions or technicalities, the difference is in our approach.

We’ll listen to your challenge, we’ll offer a response that solves this challenge and we’ll advance together.

At every stage we offer full transparency into our approach and assurance is provided through our detailed planning and execution.

Create value

The solutions we bring to the table create value in our client’s organisations, empowering teams and unlocking unparalleled growth potential.

We endeavour to work on a fixed price engagement for fixed outcomes – we’ll solve your challenge and constantly deliver value at all stages.

The challenges we solve allow organisations to be more efficient, scale faster and reduce costs.

Build resilience

COVID-19 has underlined the need for organisations to be resilient more than ever.

We create a strong, stable, growth ready infrastructure for our clients that is truly agile.

The organisational resilience we build provides the tools for businesses, individuals and organisations to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We speak your language

Industries we specialise in

Engineering & Manufacturing

We help engineering & manufacturing businesses with outdated or legacy hardware & software transition to the cloud. The solutions we provide increase productivity, efficiency, security and reduce risk. We help engineering & manufacturing businesses stay resilient and keep up with market demands and constantly shifting customer requirements.


We unlock growth for retail businesses that are being held back by legacy system hardware or software. We understand the complexities of modern-day retail and can create an IT infrastructure that allows businesses to scale faster. Our retail solutions empower staff to deliver higher-value service whilst providing more reliable, secure and stable services. COVID-19 has hit retail businesses hard, we can help to find resolve and resilience, helping establish your new normal.

Public Sector

We are a Crown Commercial Service supplier, meaning we can provide IT & cloud solutions to the public sector. From law enforcement to healthcare and education – we’ve got experience in delivering projects to some of the world’s most esteemed crime organisations and police forces. We can help public sector organisations to transition to the cloud and beyond with solutions that are both secure, scalable, reliable and customer-centric.


Having worked alongside global leaders of critical, complex engineering services which support national defence, save lives and protect communities – we’re more than equipped to work with time-sensitive and mission-critical IT projects.

Technology & Telecoms

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest telecoms providers to implement secure cloud infrastructures. We understand the fast-paced nature of the technology & telecoms industries and can help provide scalable, secure and resilient solutions that have the flexibility to adapt quickly when required.

Can’t see your industry? Let us know about your challenge and we’ll discuss how we can help you.

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Case Studies

Organisations we’ve digitally empowered.

Seamless Transition: Navigating Complex IT Migration for a Global Pigment Leader

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Increasing resilience and scalability and enabling ongoing digital transformation at Global Engineering and Support Services Company

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Enabling digital transformation programmes to be established at FTSE 100 Industrial Software Development Company

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Reducing costs, increasing IT efficiency and enabling ongoing digital transformation at Global Car Rental Company

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